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Supaflo Low Profile Duct System

Supaflo Flatpack duct is a low profile alternative to round PVC pipe commonly used in ventilation systems. It has a compact design that makes it ideal for applications where space is limited. It also features a smooth inner surface which minimises pressure loss and therefore improves air flow. The modular, slide-together design of  the system makes it simple to install into most applications. There are two sizes of Supaflo ducting available, the 165 series and 180 series.


Designed for exhaust and supply air ventilation systems.

Duct can be cut down to size to fit into virtually any space.

Large range of fittings ensures duct can be installed into most applications.

Specially designed flat channel clip makes mounting duct easy.

Components are easy to join, light weight, corrosion resistant and hygienic.


UL181.11-2013, AS1530.3-1999
Fantech Trade Supaflo Flatpack ducting has been shown to comply with BCA2016 as an alternative solution. For further information please contact your local sales office for the latest copy of the Perform BC Fire Engineering Assessment “Fantech Flatpack Duct System”.

Low Profile DuctDescription165 Series - Code180 Series - Code
FLatpack_Flat-Rigid-DuctFlat rigid duct 2 metre longFPD165-DUCT-2M
FLatpack_Duct-ConnectorDuct connectorFPD165-CONDDFPD180-CONDD
FlatPack_Self-Connector_Duct-to-ductSelf seal connector duct to duct FPD165-CONSSDD-
FlatPack_Self-Connector_Self-Seal-ConnectorSelf seal connector duct to fittingFPD165-CONSSDF-
FlatPack_90-Horiz90° Horizontal bendFPD165-HBEND-90FPD180-HBEND-90
FlatPack_45Horiz45° Horizontal bendFPD165-HBEND-45FPD180-HBEND-45
FlatPack_90-Vertical-Bend90° Vertical bendFPD165-VBEND-90-
FlatPack_45-Vertical-Bend45° Vertical bendFPD165-VBEND-45FPD180-VBEND-45
FlatPack_Equal-T-placeEqual T pieceFPD165-TPIECEFPD180-TPIECE
FlatPack_Flexible-BendFlexible bendFPD165-FLEXBEND-
FlatPack_ElbowRound / rectangular transition 90° bend - Ø150mmFPD165-TR150-90FPD180-TR150-90
Round / rectangular transition 90° bend - Ø125mmFPD165-TR125-90-
FlatPack_Round-DuctRound / rectangular transition - Ø150mmFPD165-TR150-
Oval/rectangular transition – Ø150mm -FPD180-TR150
Oval/rectangular transition – Ø200mm -FPD180-TR200
FlatPack_Flat-ChannelDuct clip - metalFPD165-CLIPMETALFPD180-CLIPMETAL
Circular Reducer / ExpandersDescriptionCode
FlatPack_Reducer-Expander-Range-1Circular reducer / expander Ø125mm to Ø100mmFPD-RED125/100
FlatPack_Reducer-Expander-Range-2Circular reducer / expander Ø150mm to Ø100mmFPD-RED150/100
FlatPack_Reducer-Expander-Range-3Circular reducer / expander Ø150mm to Ø125mmFPD-RED150/125
FlatPack_Reducer-Expander-Range-4Circular reducer / expander Ø200mm to Ø150mmFPD-RED200/150