Supaflo – low profile duct system



Supaflo flatpack duct is a low profile alternative to round PVC pipe commonly used in ventilation systems. It has a compact design that makes it ideal for applications where space is limited. It also features a smooth inner surface which minimises pressure loss and therefore improves air flow. The modular, slide-together design of the system makes it simple to install into most applications. There are two sizes of Supaflo ducting available, the 125 series and the 165 series.

  • Designed for exhaust and supply air ventilation systems.
  • Duct can be cut down to size to fit into virtually any space.
  • Large range of fittings ensures duct can be installed into most applications.


  • Specially designed flat channel clip makes mounting duct easy.
  • Components are easy to join, light weight, corrosion resistant and hygienic.



UL181.11-2013, AS1530.3-1999

Fantech Trade Supaflo flatpack ducting has been shown to comply with BCA2017 as an alternative solution. For further information please contact your local sales office for a copy of the Perform BC Fire Engineering Assessment “Fantech FlatPack Duct System”.

Low Profile DuctDescription125 Series - Code165 Series - Code
FLatpack_Flat-Rigid-DuctFlat rigid duct 2 metre longFPD125-DUCT-2M
204 mm x 60 mm
220 mm x 90 mm
FLatpack_Duct-ConnectorDuct connectorFPD125-CONDDFPD165-CONDD
FlatPack_Self-Connector_Duct-to-ductSelf seal connector duct to ductFPD125-CONSSDD-
FlatPack_Self-Connector_Self-Seal-ConnectorSelf seal connector duct to fittingFPD125-CONSSDFFPD165-CONSSDF
FlatPack_90-Horiz90° Horizontal bendFPD125-HBEND-90FPD165-HBEND-90
FlatPack_45Horiz45° Horizontal bendFPD125-HBEND-45FPD165-HBEND-45
FlatPack_90-Vertical-Bend90° Vertical bendFPD125-VBEND-90FPD165-VBEND-90
FlatPack_45-Vertical-Bend45° Vertical bendFPD125-VBEND-45FPD165-VBEND-45
FlatPack_Equal-T-placeEqual T pieceFPD125-TPIECEFPD165-TPIECE
FlatPack_Flexible-BendFlexible bendFPD125-FLEXBENDFPD165-FLEXBEND
FlatPack_ElbowRound / rectangular rotating transition 90° bend - Ø150mmFPD125-TR150-90-
Round / rectangular transition 90° bend - Ø150mm-FPD165-TR150-90
Round / rectangular transition 90° bend - Ø125mm-FPD165-TR125-90
FlatPack_Round-DuctRound / rectangular transition - Ø125mmFPD125-TR125-
Round / rectangular transition - Ø150mm-FPD165-TR150
FLatpack_Wall-PlatetWall plateFPD125-WPR-
FlatPack_Flat-ChannelDuct clip - plasticFPD125-CLIP-
Circular Reducer / ExpandersDescriptionCode
FlatPack_Reducer-Expander-Range-1Circular reducer / expander Ø125mm to Ø100mmFPD-RED125/100
FlatPack_Reducer-Expander-Range-2Circular reducer / expander Ø150mm to Ø100mmFPD-RED150/100
FlatPack_Reducer-Expander-Range-3Circular reducer / expander Ø150mm to Ø125mmFPD-RED150/125
FlatPack_Reducer-Expander-Range-4Circular reducer / expander Ø200mm to Ø150mmFPD-RED200/150