Slimfit External Grille



The Slimfit Grille and Spacer Plate have been specifically designed to fit directly onto the spigot of an EDM-300C fan. This allows it to be installed into narrow panel wall applications from 45 to 130mm thick such as mining accommodation huts, portable homes and site offices.

  • Spacer Plate can be mounted on exterior or interior wall
  • Made from UV-stabilised ABS Plastic
  • Comes with flywire mesh sheet to eliminate entry of insects



  • Can also be used in thicker walls or ducted applications using wall tube or flex duct
  • Available with 150mm spigot only



Model No.Duct SizeABCD

All dimensions in mm


Ins---DPL---none-and-one-spacer Ins---DPL---two-and-two-spacer

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