Rapid Response Header Box

Suitable for residential & light commercial applications

The stylish Rapid Response header box exhaust fan is the quietest and most powerful in its class. The modern header box fan is suitable for toilets, bathrooms, laundries and ensuites.

Its low profile, compact design and side exhaust outlet allows it to fit between floors and in applications with limited ceiling space such as those with cathedral ceilings.

The Rapid Response housing is made from quality injected moulded, fire retardant, ABS plastic giving it a robust construction and reliable operation.

There are two sizes available; an 8 inch model and a 10 inch model, that can also come with a 3 to 15 minute run-on timer. Both sizes are also available with modern looking round and square grilles that can include a high quality LED light (white finish models only).

Suitable for residential & light commercial applications

  • The ultra quiet 8″ model is ideal for odour and dampness removal from toilets, ensuites and cupboards
  • The 10″ model provides stronger air flow performance to ensure steam is cleared from rooms such as bathrooms and ensuites
  • Advanced impeller and housing design provides powerful air flow and minimises noise
  • Can be retrofitted into an existing standard 8″ and 10″ round fan cut out

  • Low resistance non-return backdraft damper maximises air flow performance
  • includes sealed for life ball bearings
  • High strength swing slips make installation easy
  • Available with stylish and modern square and round grilles

Response Ceiling Grille

The modern looking Response Ceiling Grille has been designed for ducted systems using an in-line fan and external grille. It features a clip-in spigot that can be positioned for horizontal or vertical duct connection.

  • Can be retrofitted into a standard 10” round fan cut out
  • Unique push out ceiling clamps make installation easy
  • Clip-in spigot makes installation and duct connection easier
  • Grille can be easily rotated to align with walls and removed for cleaning

Response Ceiling Mounted Fan Kit

Includes Response ceiling mounted header box exhaust fan with grille, 6m duct & external grille.

Fan Body Dimensional Data

Model No.Cut Out AØBC*D*App. Weight (kg)Run-On Timer
RESPF825019594 (100mm spigot)
170 (150mm spigot)
105 (100mm spigot)
120 (150mm spigot)
Dimensions in mm

Grilles Dimensional Data

Model No.DescriptionA□BD
RESPG150SQWH10" Square Grille White Finish35330
RESPG150SQBK10" Square Grille Black Finish35330
RESPG150SQWH-LED10" Square Grille White Finish with LED light35330
RESPG150RNWH10" Round Grille White Finish33224
RESPG150RNBK10" Round Grille Black Finish33224
RESPG150RNWH-LED10" Round Grille White Finish with LED light33224
RESPG8-SQWH8" Square Grille White Finish30028
RESPG8-SQWH-LED8" Square Grille White Finish with LED light30028
RESPG8-RNWH8" Round Grille White Finish29419
RESPG8-RNWH-LED8" Round Grille White Finish with LED light29419
Dimensions in mm
Model No.Duct. Dia. AØBCDE
Dimensions in mm

Dimensions in mm

Header-box-image- hand install

1. Rotate swing clips to hold fan body in place.

Header-box-image screw

2. Tighten screws so clips clamp onto ceiling board.

Header-box-image duct connect

Long clip-in spigot makes installation and duct connection easier.

External Grilles

Flexible Duct – Fire Rated AS/NZS 4254

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