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The HCM wall/window mounted fan is suitable for domestic kitchens and bathrooms. It features powerful air flow performance and quiet operation.


Compact low profile design.

Quiet operation.

Can also be skylight mounted (see below).

Powerful air flow performance.

Rated “Continuous Run”.

220-240V, single-phase, 50Hz.

Certificate of Approval number: HCM150-N – ESV170211, HCM180-N – SAA-162771-EA, HCM225-N – SAA-162771-EA.

Note: Must not be mounted directly above heat sources such as an oven.   


Model No.B
HCM-150N2146335183 - 188
HCM-180N25510035220 - 225
HCM-225N2989035262 - 267

All dimensions in mm

Technical Data

Model No.m³/hrL/secFan Speed rpmAvg. dB(A) @ 3mWattsVoltsIP Rating
HCM-150N 2105819004125240 IPX4
HCM-180N 38010520004228240 IPX4
HCM-225N63017517004940240 IPX4

Optional Weather Cap

The Weather Cap has been designed for skylight installation. It provides added protection against both wind and rain when the fan is mounted in demanding areas such as high-rise housing, seaside and exposed positions. Another key feature is that it comes with bird wire mesh and is colour matched to the fan.


Model No: HCM-150CAP and HCM-180CAP.

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