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Residential Products

Rapid Response 200

Rapid Response 250

Rapid Response 250HP

Rapid Response Grilles

Rapid Response Grille to Duct Connector

Response Radiance

Rapid Response Fan Kits

Ezifit Thru Roof with ABS Plastic Cowl

Ezifit Thru Roof with Bushfire Compliance

Ezifit Thru Roof Supply Air

Ezifit Thru Roof Relief Vents

Power Sense Switch

Run-On Timer – Direct Wired

Run-On Timer
Direct Wired Supply with Plug-In Outlet

Run-on timer
4-pin plug supply with plug-in outlet

Variable Speed Controller

Fan Control Thermostat

Speed Controller/Switch

3-Speed Switch

Reversing Switch

Flexible Duct

Flexible Duct (Insulated)

Semi Rigid Aluminium Duct

Y-Pieces and Branch Take Offs

Duct Joiner

Duct Reducer

Circular Reducer/Expanders

FlexRight Duct Elbow

EPFL External Grille

PGL External Grille

ELDA External Grille

EEVSS External Grille

EDVSS External Grille

EHVSS External Grille

IDVSS Internal Grille

IALG Internal Grille

IDJG Internal Grille

ILG Internal Grille

ECG Internal Grille

Rapid Response
RCG Grille

SJK Backdraft Damper (Gravity)

RSK Backdraft Damper (Spring Loaded)

Wall Plates

Wall Tubes

Wall Rods