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How to use the Product Selection Chart

1) Select your required application from the left hand column.

eg. Spa Bathroom (11-20 air changes per hour)

2) Calculate the volume of the room in cubic metres (m³) by multiplying the length x width x height.

eg. 3.2m x 3.2m x 2.4m = 24.58m³ (therefore select a room volume of 30m³)

3) Follow the row across and select one of the fans available which suits your mounting requirements, using the pictures and headings as a guide.

eg. Require a Roof Mounted Fan along the 11-20 air changes per hour with 30m³ air volume row (therefore select an ECEP204)

DOMEDMSilent DesignSilentHCMStylventRapid ResponseMinitubeProVentTD SilentEzifit
Thru Wall
Thru Roof
ApplicationRoom VolumeWall MountedWall MountedWall Mounted Wall Mounted Window MountedWall or Window MountedCeiling Mounted In-Line Duct MountedIn-Line Duct MountedIn-Line Duct MountedExt. Wall MountedExt. Wall MountedRoof Mounted
6 - 10 air changes per hourToilets
Laundries (no dryer) Storerooms Classrooms
Site Sheds
Sub Floor Ventilation Restaurants
(seated area)
20m³DOM-125CEDM-300CSILDES200SILENT125HCM-150NHV-150AERESPF8RESPFG10..RESPF150MTP132RIL-100TD-250..EWE154 (9)ECEP154..
30m³DOM-150CEDM-300CSILDES300SILENT150HCM-180NHV-150AERESPFG10..RESPF150MTP132RIL-125EWE152EIE150ECEP154.. (7)ECEP152..
40m³RESPFG10..RESPF150MTP132RIL-125HCM-180NHV-230AERESPFG10..RESPF150RIL-150..TD-350..EWE152EIE150 (9)ECEP152.. (8)
11 - 20 air changes per hourEnsuites
Spa Bathrooms
Laundries (with dryer)
5m³DOM-100CEDM-300CSILDES100SILENT100HCM-150NHV-150AERESPF8RESPFG10..RESPF150MTP132RIL-100TD-500..EWE152 (8)EIE150 (6)ECEP154..
20m³DOM-150CEDM-300CSILDES300SILENT150HCM-180NHV-230AERESPF150RIL-125 RIL-150..TD-250..EWE154 (18)ECEP152.. (17)
40m³HCM-225N (16)HV-230AE (15) RIL-200..TD-350..EWE152EIE150 (13)ECEP204.. (17)
50m³HV-300AECall Fantech Trade for suitable fansTD-500..EWE152 (11)Call Fantech Trade for suitable fans

Notes on selection criteria

All selections are based on installed fan performance and maximum air change rate (ie. 10 or 20). Figures in brackets (eg. (8)), show actual air change rate if it is less than the maximum.

Selections for Wall Mounted fans are based on the fan’s optimal performance using 230mm length of wall tube.


Selections for Ezifit range fans (EIE, EWE and ECEP) and In-Line Duct Mounted fans are based on the fan’s optimal performance using 6m of duct. All flexible duct must be taut and straight. Longer duct runs may be possible. Please contact Fantech Trade for specific requirements. Selections for the Ezifit In-Wall (EIE) are based on the unit being wired in medium speed as standard.


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