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KUA Extraction Arm

The Plymovent ‘KUA’ extraction arm provides great flexibility and efficiency when used with a fume extraction system. It is suitable when extracting dust, welding fumes, soldering fumes, oil mist and fumes from solvents. Unique to the KUA is the combination of inner and outer arms connected by a unique and easy to adjust externally mounted elbow joint.


Removable hood comes with safety mesh.

Lower spring assisted joint is supported in a double ball-bearing mount and gives the KUA a smooth and flexible movement.

Smooth aluminium tubing allows maximum air flow and reduces the overall weight and noise level.

Spring assistance and mounting bracket with ball-bearings provides 360° rotation, ease of manoeuvring and ensures maximum life-span.

360° ring handle allows ease of reach and access from any position.

Support mechanism ensures stability, smooth operation and minimum restriction.

Suitable for MIG-MAG/GMAW welding, TIG welding, FCAW welding and stick/MMAW welding.

KUA-200 comes standard with a shut-off and control valve.

Available with tube diameters of 160mm and 200mm.

All hanging models also available with ATEX approval.

Low resistance aluminium tubes.

Easy to manoeuvre hood.

External middle hinge ensures easy adjustment.

Product Code PLY-KUA-160/2HPLY-KUA-160/2SPLY-KUA-160/3HPLY-KUA-160/3SPLY-KUA-200/3HPLY-KUA-160/4HPLY-KUA-160/4SPLY-KUA-200/4H
Max. Working Radius2m2m3m3m3m4m4m4m
MaterialPVC with spring steel wirePVC with spring steel wirePVC with spring steel wirePVC with spring steel wirePVC with spring steel wirePVC with spring steel wirePVC with spring steel wirePVC with spring steel wire
Tube Diameter160mm160mm160mm160mm200mm160mm160mm200mm
Hood Diameter300mm300mm300mm300mm340mm300mm300mm300mm
Air Flow m³/h
Weight (kg)18.514211636221737

S=Standing model      H=Hanging model