Misting Kits


Combined with an air circulating fan, a misting kit provides rapid cooling to work areas and outdoor recreation facilities. Misting kits produce an ultra fine mist that provides cooling through evaporation. This helps reduce fatigue in the work place and improves productivity on a hot day.

They are designed to easily fit to the front grille of most cooling fans and work on standard house mains water pressure.



  • Available in 3, 5 and 7 nozzle kits
  • High quality brass nozzle with long wearing stainless steel orifice and pin
  • 19mm hose adaptor fitted with a low maintenance stainless steel filter
  • Maximum working pressure 125psi


  • Works on domestic mains water pressure
  • O-ring fitted on all nozzles to minimise leaks
  • Comes with click-on hose connector
  • Nozzles must be positioned facing away from the guard.

  • Fit misting kit in front of fan guard using cable ties supplied

  • Hose thread adaptor




  • High quality brass nozzles can be easily removed for cleaning



  • Low maintenance stainless steel filter inside hose adaptor


Model No.NozzlesSuitable Fan SizeApprox. Water Usage
FMK33630mm4 L/h
FMK55630mm7 L/h
FMK77750mm10 L/h