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The Aeromini destratifcation fan has been designed to pull warm air from the ceiling during the colder months and gently push it towards floor level to create a more pleasant environment for occupants. In winter, the Aeromini can save up to 35% on energy consumption by mixing the air within an indoor space. The Aeromini is suitable for small to medium sized applications such as school halls, workshops and warehouses with ceiling heights up to 7 meters.


Available in AC and EC configurations with a fan diameter of 250mm.

Helps to create a more productive, more comfortable environment that has the potential to reduce energy consumption.

Can also provide air movement for cooling during warmer months.

Adjustable air flow using a speed controller.

EC model with two temperature sensors can be used as a demand control destratification system.

Pivoting handle allows quick change to airflow direction.

Pivoting handle allows quick change to airflow direction.

Comes with galvanised eye bolts making it easy to hang cable.

Model with finger guards on inlet and outlet also available.


Raises productivity

Improves thermal comfort

Lower energy costs




School Halls



Lowers energy consumption

Reduces a facility’s Carbon Footprint

Maximises the efficiency of the HVAC systems

Simplifies infrastructure equipment (fewer ducts and diffusers)

Fast return on investment

CFD showing the effect of an Aeromini fan

These thermal images are from a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) showing the effects of Aeromini Fans. They show a computer model of a 12.2 meter x 12.2 meter space with a 7.6 meter flat ceiling deck and a ceiling mounted heat source with a thermostat affixed 1.5 meters above the floor, set at 21°C.

The built-up heat at ceiling level is forced down when the Aeromini Fan (represented by the white silhouette) is turned on.

Destratification results in a more even temperature throughout the Zone Of Occupancy. Creature comfort improves noticeably and energy consumption is reduced, often significantly.


Approx. Weight kg.44.7

All dimensions in mm

Technical Data

ModelMotor TypeFan Size (mm)Fan Speed rev/secFree Air m³/sMax Operating Temp (C)VoltsKWAmps



Manual EC Speed Controller

Manually adjustable speed controller provides speed adjustment of ZOO EC fans through a 0-10V control signal.

Auto EC Speed Controller and Sensors

This intuitive ZOO EC controller can be used to manually control EC fan speed, or create a flexible demand control destratification system. When set to auto operation it will adjust air flows according to the temperature difference between two temperature sensors (typically placed near the floor and the ceiling.)

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