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*7 year warranty applies when the fan is installed by a Fantech Authorised Installer. Conditions apply.

Hunter HVLS Fans

The Hunter range of innovative, direct-drive HVLS fans use a unique aerofoil blade design with twist profile that maximises efficiency across the entire range. This advanced blade design delivers a higher volumetric flow rate whilst minimising power consumption. Its high performance direct drive motor helps to minimise energy usage and reduce the fan’s overall weight.


Energy efficient and compact direct drive, permanent magnet motor that has been specifically designed for Hunter HVLS fans.

Time saving plug-n-play system includes pre-installed bolts, pre-wired drop tube, pre-aligned mounting brackets and I-beam clamp.

Whisper quiet gearless operation.

Aircraft grade aluminium blades are formed with a unique twist profile to maximise air flow and minimise noise levels.

Comes with pre-configured VSD with simple push and turn plugs to connect motor and touch screen.

Built tough with a sleek and simple design that will complement any showroom, sports centre or warehouse.

There are two ranges of Hunter HVLS fans:
Hunter Titan 5 blade configuration – 5 sizes from 4.2 (14’) to 7.3 (24’) metres
Hunter Eco 4 blade configuration – 8 sizes from 2.4 (8’) to 7.3 (24’) metres.

Easy to use network controller: Manage up to 5 fans (Basic Controller).

All-in-one Drop Tube 

The Hunter fans feature an all-in-one drop tube to simplify and reduce installation time.

Pre-wired with power and safety cable.

Motor mounting plate integrated with drop tube.

Pre-fitted with retention cable harnessing ring.

Quick connect clamping system eliminates the need to drill holes in the building’s I-beam.

Drop tubes available in 61cm, 90cm, 121cm, 182cm, 243cm and 305cm lengths.


The Hunter touch screen controller is designed to manage up to 5 Hunter HVLS fans. The controller features a 127mm “True Glass” colour display. The control system takes advantage of the latest digital technology to ensure it can be tailored to suit the requirements of almost any high ceiling application.

Basic Network Controller

Speed control up to 5 HVLS fans in forward or reverse.

Reliable Ethernet connectivity with TCP/ IP.

Engineered For Easy Installation

When the team at Hunter Industrial designed the Eco and Titan HVLS fans, they ensured ease of installation was a primary factor in its engineering. The result is a HVLS range that is quick to install, simple to commission and reduces the risk of installation mistakes. Hunter fans have fewer blades, fewer moving parts, the range weighs less and everything that can be pre-assembled has been.

Hunter HVLS fans come with pre-installed studs (bolts), a pre-wired drop tube, and pre-aligned mounting brackets.

Blade clamps are replaced with a proprietary quick connect blade system.

Drop tube comes with a quick connect clamping system that attaches it to the building’s I-beam without drilling holes.

Drop tube is pre-fitted with retention cable harnessing ring, and pre-wired with power and safety cables.

Drop tube with integrated universal joint for pitched roof alignment.

Quick connect clamping system eliminates the need to drill holes into the building’s I-beam.

Easy to connect power and safety cable from dropper tube to motor hub.

Integrated mounting plate with drop tube and pre-installed studs (bolts) simplifies motor mounting.

Titan Range: Each blade snap-locks into the direct drive motor hub and secured via 2 fixing screws.

ECO Range: Each blade is bolted to the direct drive motor hub via pre-installed studs.

Hunter Titan

FAN DIAMETER4.2m4.8m5.5m6.1m7.3m
INPUT POWER3PH 380-480V 50/60 Hz3PH 380-480V 50/60 Hz3PH 380-480V 50/60 Hz3PH 380-480V 50/60 Hz3PH 380-480V 50/60 Hz
DROP TUBE90cm90cm90cm121cm121cm
MOTOR POWER0.56 kW0.75 kW0.75 kW0.75kW0.75 kW
EFFECTIVE RANGE AREA*484 m²625 m²784 m²961 m²1,369 m²
MAX AIR FLOW AMCA 230-1540.78 m³/s61.09 m³/s68.56 m³/s76.64 m³/s105.44 m³/s
MAX AIR FLOW AMCA 230-9957.68 m³/s86.41 m³/s96.96 m³/s108.40 m³/s149.14 m³/s
MAX RPM103102957470
FAN HANG WEIGHT#76 kg79 kg83 kg86 kg93 kg

Hunter Eco HVLS fan

FAN DIAMETER2.4m3.0m3.6m4.2m4.8m5.5m6.1m7.3m
INPUT POWER3PH 380-480V 50/60 Hz3PH 380-480V 50/60 Hz3PH 380-480V 50/60 Hz3PH 380-480V 50/60 Hz3PH 380-480V 50/60 Hz3PH 380-480V 50/60 Hz3PH 380-480V 50/60 Hz3PH 380-480V 50/60 Hz
DROP TUBE61cm61cm61cm90cm90cm90cm121cm121cm
MOTOR POWER0.47 kW0.47 kW0.47 kW0.47 kW0.47 kW0.47 kW0.47 kW0.47 kW
EFFECTIVE RANGE AREA*95 m²149 m²214 m²291 m²380 m²484 m²595 m²858 m²
MAX AIR FLOW AMCA 230-1515.41 m³/s25.02 m³/s30.38 m³/s40.69 m³/s51.40 m³/s60.27 m³/s72.17 m³/s96.48 m³/s
MAX AIR FLOW AMCA 230-9921.80 m³/s35.39 m³/s42.97 m³/s57.55 m³/s72.70 m³/s82.25 m³/s102.08 m³/s136.46 m³/s
MAX RPM15613910710795787761
FAN HANG WEIGHT#40 kg43 kg46 kg58 kg61 kg62 kg66 kg72 kg

* Effective range area is based on 1.5 to 2 m/s air flow at face/chest level
# Total fan hang weight. Included blades, motor, hanging system, accessories

Fan Selection

To assist with selecting the most effective Hunter HVLS fan for your specific application, Fantech have developed an easy to use web based selection tool. Once logged in, simply enter the width, length and height of the area, together with the ambient temperature and desired cooling effect from the fans. The selection tool will provide a number of possible options that list the quantity of fans, fan sizes and suggested spacing.

To access Fantech’s HVLS Product Selection Tool visit