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Gorilla X High Volume Low Speed Fans

The Gorilla X range of HVLS fans generate a gentle, slow moving airstream that helps create a more comfortable, more productive indoor space for building occupants.


EC brushless motor technology, allowing continuous air circulation with minimal running costs.

Engineered tough using industrial grade components of the highest quality.

Hub cover and impeller winglets are supplied in both green and black.

Can be controlled with one of the easy to use Aviator controllers or a Building Management System.

Available in 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7m diameters.

*Conditions apply

  • High efficiency EC brushless motor
  • 200-480V, 50/60Hz, IP65
  • Suitable for S1 continuous service
  • Fully integrated electronic system
  • Gearless design for silent operation
  • 5 Durable and long lasting anodised extruded blades
  • High performance and efficient airfoil design
  • 800mm drop tube is standard
  • Optional 400mm, 1500mm and 3000mm drop tubes also available
  • Secured with robust ceiling brackets and high strength security cable
  • Hub cover provides dust protection and improves overall fan aesthetics
  • Aerodynamically shaped winglets for improved performance and noise reduction
  • Hub ring and stabilizing wires for added safety
  • Heavy duty construction


  • Improves thermal comfort
  • Low noise operation
  • Provides constant fresh air
  • Creates a healthier internal condition
  • Increases occupant productivity
  • Lowers Ammonia level in animal enclosures
  • Stops animals crowding closely together


  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Greenhouses
  • Showrooms
  • Shopping malls
  • Sports centres
  • Swimming pools
  • Agricultural


  • Lowers energy consumption
  • Reduces a facility’s
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Maximises the efficiency of the HVAC systems
  • Lowers installation costs
  • Simplifies infrastructure equipment (fewer ducts and diffusers)
  • Fast return on investment

Destratification & Comfort

Summer Comfort

In summer, the efficient and continuous air circulation provided by a Gorilla X fan creates a natural evaporative cooling effect for occupants.

It is also designed to eliminate the build up of hot stagnant air in the building by maintaining constant air movement and improving the internal environment.

Winter Destratification

In winter, warm heated air rises to the highest point of an enclosed
area, thereby causing cooler air to reside at floor level.

Traditionally temperatures have been maintained at floor level by continued and prolonged use of heaters, resulting in high energy consumption. A Gorilla X fan increases comfort for occupants and reduces a building’s energy costs. It does this by distributing warm air down from the ceiling towards floor level and therefore maintaining an even temperature throughout.

Without HVLS


Without HVLS


Fan Selection


To assist with selecting the most effective Gorilla X HVLS fan for your specific application, Fantech have developed an easy to use web based selection tool. Once logged in, simply enter the width, length and height of the area, together with the ambient temperature and desired cooling effect from the fans. The selection tool will provide a number of possible options that list the quantity of fans, fan sizes and suggested spacing.

To access Fantech’s HVLS Product Selection Tool visit

Gorilla Aviator Controllers

The innovative range of Aviator controllers are designed to manage from one Gorilla X HVLS fan to a large system with multiple fans and sensors. The control system takes advantage of the latest digital technology to ensure it can be tailored to suit the requirements of almost any high ceiling application.

Aviator controllers utilize the Fantech ComLink system (RS485) to connect the controller, Gorilla X HVLS fans and sensors together. This intelligent system provides reliable two-wire communication between devices, significant installation cost savings and a higher level of system monitoring and adjustment. The Fantech ComLink system also provides; reduced and simplified cabling, faster commissioning and simple daisy chain connection.


A controller to suit any size application

Aviator MINI

The Aviator MINI is the ultimate controller for high ceiling applications because of its ability to manage up to 50 Gorilla X HVLS fans. The MINI controls these fans individually or within a maximum of 6 demand control zones. It comes factory pre-configured to suit the requirements of each application and can be connected to a Building Management System.

The Aviator MINI can be connected with up to 20 sensors; temperature, humidity and CO2. The MINI can also connect to a BMS (BACnet or Modbus) or the Aviator PRO for its intuitive graphic interface.

Aviator Touch PRO

The simple to use Aviator Touch PRO features an intuitive graphic interface which makes managing a network of Gorilla X HVLS fans easy. It simplifies installation, and can control up to 10 HVLS fans and be connected to 2 sensors. This flexible controller can be factory pre-configured to operate each fan individually or help drive an energy saving Demand Control Ventilation system.

The Touch PRO is compatible with Temperature, Humidity or CO2 sensors. It features a high definition 4.3” LCD touch screen and a 7 day scheduler that enable set-up of operational periods.

Aviator Touch

The multi-function Aviator Touch is designed to control up to 4 Gorilla X fans individually or in a single group. It can turn each fan on and off,
and alter fan speed, rotation direction and run time.

The Touch features an LCD touch screen display, and a run to end timer.


ØA (fan diameter) mm3050405040505050605060507050
B (max ceiling slope) °5555555
C (min safety distance from side obstruction)mm350450450550550550650
D (fan height with standard 800mm extension tube)mm1250125012701270128413041304
E (min fan installation height)mm2700270027002700270027002700

(1) max. air flow/max. absorbed power
*Noise levels are measured 1.5m above ground level and 6m horizontally from the fan axis of rotation.
Note: HVLS fans were mounted at a height of 5m above ground level for the purpose of these noise tests.

Performance Data

Max Rotation Speedrpm140809570505840
Max Absorbed PowerkW0.820.580.770.90.770.960.63
Max CurrentA21.51.852.
Max Thrust (1)N686279100146175133
Max Air flow AMCA 230-99 (1)cfm609807731187267122439177216193733197103
Max Air flow AMCA 230-15 (1)cfm43119546676170786577125311137195139373
Pressure Level*
@100% speeddBA57495350475145
@50% speed41384038383938
Operating Temperature°C-10/+50-10/+50-10/+50-10/+50-10/+50-10/+50-10/+50