Vogue Series



The Vogue series of modern ceiling/wall mounted fans include quick fitting swing locks that make it easy to install in suspended ceilings or plasterboard walls and ceilings. Grille made from durable ABS plastic and impellers are of galvanised steel.




  • Contemporary flush to ceiling design
  • Grille can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Speed-controllable
  • Fitted with a standard 240V plug and lead
  • Auto-reset thermal cutout protection fitted
  • Sealed for life ball bearings
  • High quality, 220-240V, single-phase, 50Hz ‘Continuous Run’ motor
  • Model with reverse air flow available


Optional Duct Adapter



The optional Vogue duct adapter allows standard sized duct to be easily fitted to the fan. It simply slides onto the fans’ spigot and is secured with duct tape. Made from durable ABS plastic.


Model No.A□BC
VCW202 , VCW204295268100197208255
VCW302 , VCW304, VCW306398371115297310355

All dimensions in mm

Model No.Duct DiameterVogue (To Suit Fan Selected)
VCW20DA200VCW202, VCW204
VCW30DA300VCW302 , VCW304, VCW306

All dimensions in mm

Run-on Timers & Speed Controllers

Flexible Duct – Fire Rated AS/NZS 4254

Wall Tubes

External Grilles