Short Case Axial Series



The Short Case Axial Series has a light-weight, but robust construction and is designed for exhaust and supply air ducted systems in commercial and industrial applications.



  • Compact, short cased design
  • Light-weight but robust construction
  • Capable of operating in ambient temperatures ranging from -20°C to +70°C



  • An electric junction box is fitted as standard
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Available in single and three phase
    • 230V Single phase, 50Hz
    • 415V, Three phase, 50Hz




Model No.BØ*CDFKg.
SCD254, SCE254305250180872858
SCD314, SCE31438231518089.53568.5
SCD354, SCE35442135018089.53959
SCD404, SCE404466400190129.543812
SCD454, SCE454515450190129.548714


* Dimension BØ is internal for the casing

‘SCD’ denotes three phase

‘SCE’ denotes single phase

All dimensions in mm

Mounting Feet (CFT..)

Inlet Cones (CIC..S)

Matching Flanges (CMF..)

Finger Guards (DG..)

Electronic Speed Controller – VA2.8 (for single phase only)

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