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Rapid Dry Jet

These ultra powerful units are equipped with digital circuit controls and advanced infrared auto sensing technologies. Unit starts when user places hands in a comfortable position within the unit. The Rapid Dry Jet requires minimal maintenance and is available with a white or silver coloured front face.


Advanced infrared auto sensing technology

Hygienic hands free operation for heavy duty high traffic use

Concentrated air flow for rapid drying times

Includes excess water tray that can be easily removed for emptying

Easy to clean stylish casing with ergonomic design

Water resistant design for a longer lifespan

Unique high speed motor for low power consumption.

Warm or cold air function available

Plug and lead included as standard

Auto-reset internal thermal protection

Electrical Test Standard: AS/NZS 60335.1:2011 incl. Amdts. 1-3 AS/NZS 60335.2.23:2012



  1. Countdown Indicator
  2. Sensor
  3. Air Outlet
  4. Side Window
  5. Power Switch
  6. Heat Switch
  7. Lighting Screen
  8. Front Cover
  9. Excess Water Tray

1x Rapid Dry Jet hand dryer

1x Installation template

1x User instructions

1x Cleaning brush

1x Filter bag

1x Installation package: (5x) Screws, (5x) Wall Plugs (Ø8mm)

Energy Saving

The Rapid Dry Jet features a unique high-speed motor that has a low overall power consumption, concentrated air flow and a quick drying process. It is smart programmed to cease operation after a standard drying time has been reached to reduce energy consumption.

Ergonomic & Stylish

Designed to be aesthetically appealing, the Rapid Dry Jet will keep your washroom looking modern. To use the unit, simply place hands in the drying area and move them up and down. Hands will be dry
within seconds.


The Rapid Dry Jet smart hand dryer has multiple safety features that protect the unit against overheating and electrical surges. The user is kept safe and the hand dryer is protected. It also features an excess water tray that helps to minimise water landing on the floor.


Its easy to clean design, non-touch operation and anti-bacterial filter makes the Rapid Dry Jet perfect for areas with hygiene requirements. It also comes with a brush to clean the water tray drain hole.


Accurate and reliable air control is a result of a built in smart microchip and advanced infrared technology. The hygienic hands free operation automatically starts when the sensor is triggered. The unit will stop operation as soon as hands move away. (Maximum drying time: 17 seconds).


The robust, streamline casing protects the technology within while being easy to maintain and clean.

Easy to use

  1. No-touch operation.
  2. Shake excess water from hands.
  3. Place hands into the slot.
  4. Move hands up and down.
  5. Hand dryer stops automatically after hands are removed.


Model No.ABC

All dimensions in mm

Technical Data

Model No. Front Face Colourm³/hAvg. dB(A) @ 3mRated PowerVoltsWeight KGIP Rating
White210781400W240V 8.5IP22

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