HV Wall Fan



The HV wall mounted ventilator is ideal for industrial, commercial and agricultural applications where high volumes of air movement is required at low noise and with minimal energy consumption. It comes with heavy duty mechanical backdraft shutters to prevent weather ingress when the fan is switched off.




  • Available in 800mm, 1000mm and 1250mm sizes
  • Constructed from galvanised steel with a specially designed stainless steel impeller for hash working environments
  • Drive mechanism includes sealed for life, maintenance free ball bearings for lower noise and vibration levels
  • 380-415V, Three phase, 50Hz


  • Fitted with a mesh safety guard on both sides
  • Automatic backdraft shutter to reduce heat loss
  • Motor rated at IP55, 50 °C ambient temperature, 95% relative humidity




Model No.A□CKg.


All dimensions in mm


• 3-Phase speed controller – Type TC3 Auto Transformer

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