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Our team live and breathe ventilation. We provide the best advice, the best products and back it all up with support for our customers. You know that when you’re dealing with Fantech Trade, you will get the best product for the job.

Not all fans are created equal. Get your fan choice wrong and you’re opening yourself up to a range of problems. Choosing the right fan for the job from the beginning will save you time, money and a huge headache. That’s where we come in, Fantech Trade are the Ventilation Specialists.

Our team is made up of Ventilation Specialists, many of whom are ex-sparkies, so we never underestimate the importance of qualified tradespeople. Everything that we do is to support the skilled tradespeople across Australia and New Zealand.

Our large range of quality products is available exclusively through our network of wholesalers. Our support is always available to our wholesalers and tradespeople who have access to our team’s extensive knowledge. Fantech Trade is a division of Fantech, the leading ventilation company in Australia. Fantech’s commitment to innovation and high performance products flows through our team so we are proud to offer the best ventilation solutions to all our customers.

We believe in fully supporting our network of stockists across Australia and
New Zealand with the biggest range of ventilation products supplied exclusively to the trade.


Real ventilation specialists passionately supporting the trade.


Our stockists are a valued part of our business and we strive to support them in any way we can. One of the ways we do this is by holding events for our wholesalers. BBQ breakfasts, lunches, donut or pie days, we will go out of our way to provide real support to our loyal customers. These events give tradespeople the opportunity to get one on one advice for their ventilation requirements and learn about the latest products.

Our support also extends past the storefront. You will often find our Ventilation Specialists on site, assisting builders and contractors in planning ventilation systems and providing expert ventilation advice. We aim to create the most efficient, cost effective solutions that are reliable and easy to install.

You never have to look far to find a member of our ventilation team. We’re involved in industry and trade nights across Australia and New Zealand. These nights are an opportunity to speak to one of our ventilation specialists so you can discuss your specific ventilation needs.


We aren’t afraid to put our products to the test. Our products have been designed by fan engineers to ensure they are reliable and perform at the highest level. Within our team across Australia and New Zealand, we have years of experience which has shaped the way our fans have been designed. We continuously take on market feedback which has led us to create practical solutions for everyday installations. 

The Test Rig Demo puts our own fans to the test, with grilles and duct correctly installed, to visually show you how they would actually perform in a real situation. It’s one thing to read data, but it’s another to see how a fan works in front of your eyes. We’ve found that many exhaust fans on the market simply don’t work, but our demonstration shows that ours exceed market standards. If you or your team would like to see this in person, get in touch with your local sales representative.

Click Here to watch a video demo of the test rig in action.