Rapid Dry

The Rapid Dry is part of the smart hand dryer range by Fantech Trade. They are equipped with digital circuit controls and advanced infrared auto sensing technology. These hand dryers require minimal maintenance and their robust design delivers long term performance.


Advanced infrared auto sensing technology

Hygienic hands free operation

Concentrated airflow for rapid drying times

Easy to clean stylish casing

Water resistant design for a longer lifespan

Unique high-speed motor for low power consumption and high performance



1x Rapid Dry hand dryer

1x Installation template

1x User instructions

1x Installation package:
(4x) 35mm plug, (4x) ST4.8x40-C tapping screw

Energy Saving

The Rapid Dry features a unique high-speed motor that has a low overall power consumption, round nozzle for concentrated airflow and a quick drying process. The efficiency is so great that it can complete the drying process twice as quickly as a regular hand dryer with half the energy consumption.


This smart hand dryer has multiple safety features that protect the unit against over heating and electrical surges. This extends the lifespan of the unit and keeps the user safe.


Accurate and reliable air control is a result of a built in smart control microchip and advanced infrared technology. To use, simply bring your hands 10cm away from the nozzle and the Rapid Dry will automatically start to blow warm air. Once your hands are dry, just move them away from the unit and operation will stop within one second.


The streamline shell is made from stainless steel. This enclosed casing protects the technology within and is easy to maintain.

Easy to use

  1. No-touch operation.
  2. Shake excess water from hands.
  3. Place hands under dryer.
  4. Move hands forwards and backwards.
  5. Hand dryer stops automatically after use.
IP RatingIP22
Rated Voltage240V~
Rated Power900W