JetVent Air Mover

Designed to provide air movement in large enclosed areas such as warehouses and recreation facilities. Suspended from the ceiling, it aids the natural cooling process of the human body at floor level and creates a fresher environment that is more comfortable to be in.


  • Eliminates the build-up of hot, stagnant and polluted air
  • Its gentle breeze creates less disturbance to the working environment
  • High level mounting position avoids plant operation interference
  • Adjustable discharge nozzle and air flow direction
  • Available with single and three-phase motors
  • Single-phase unit is speed-controllable and supplied with 3-pin plug and lead. Three -phase unit can be speed controlled by using a Star/Delta optional 2-speed switch.
  • For installations where unit is close to ceiling, model with inlet on the underside face is available

Model No.TypeABCDKg.
JVWD6Three Phase75575770639085
JVWE6Single Phase75575770639085


Coming soon.