Compact Cooler Series



The Compact Cooler series of portable fans is designed to increase comfort and lift productivity by providing relief for people working in warm to hot locations. They deliver large volumes of air and include wheels and handles to ensure easy manoeuvrability.




  • Versatile models can be tilted up or down to direct air where it is needed most.
  • Built in wheels and handles make them easy to manoeuvre
  • Compact slim design allows operation and storage in limited spaces
  • Conveniently passes through a standard doorway
  • Weatherproof switch fitted as standard
  • Improves people’s comfort level and productivity in hot conditions
  • Can also be used for cooling equipment and products quickly and efficiently
  • Efficient and quiet aerofoil axial flow impeller
  • Operating temperature ranges from -20 °C to +70 °C

Standard model – CCS564


Versatile models – CCE404 & CCE564



Model No.ABCDEKg.

FMK3 – 3 nozzle misting kit

FMK5 – 5 nozzle misting kit

FMK7 – 7 nozzle misting kit